Iuliia Pozdina
AzziArt Gallery LA
Mike G.
I met Iuliia online. I was looking for a painting to purchase. Iuliia’s watercolor painting of palm trees caught my eye. I contacted her and we met in person so I could buy the painting. I liked Iuliia’s art style and I thought I definitely would love to order more from her. So, I took down her information to inquire about future paintings, which has led to a five-year friendship. Iuliia has painted over 20 watercolor paintings for me of numerous subjects. Four of these were family photos to be given as gifts and they are proudly displayed in Milwaukee, WI, St Louis, MO and Washington, DC. Some of the paintings were done for my friends and neighbors. Once I asked Iuliia to do a portrait of my wife’s best friend who passed away. Iuliia’s painting was on an easel up in the front of the church at the memorial in San Diego. Hundreds of people saw Iuliia’s work. Iuliia’s art is very detailed and is done from a single digital photo. Several of my family members have inquired about their own paintings through the website that Iuliia manages. I highly recommend Iuliia as a professional artist.
Alina Z. Fashion photographer
It is my pleasure to recommend Iuliia. She completed a painting project for me. It was easy to communicate and the project was done in time. She performed her artistic work quickly and efficiently. Iuliia is a good professional and responsible professional who knows the industry. I’m happy to recommend her as a professional and I hope we will have future projects with her.
Olga A.
I reached out to Iuliia to order a portrait of myself and I was pretty amazed how quickly she returned my calls and finished my order. I wanted to have something look alive and it’s definitely came out a beautiful piece of art. I felt absolutely proud of her incredible work, as much as l fell in love with my portrait. I look forward to order more art from Iuliia, and l highly recommend to visit her website and see all her incredible works. Hands on amazing experience. Thanks to Iuliia for her wonderful painting.
Diana and Farkhat K.
We were looking for an artist to make a painting of our newborn baby. We were lucky enough to find Iuliia who had already made some paintings for our friends. Iuliia was extremely kind. And she was attentive to the parameters we set and receptive of our suggestions. As a result, the painting was ready much earlier than expected and it looks just like a photograph - so many details, beautiful colors and especially facial expressions of our baby - everything looked stunning.
Eli D.
I ordered two paintings from Iuliia. She did incredible work. I’m very impressed. One of the paintings was my favorite Hollywood Studio Sony Pictures and the other one was a painting of my beloved cat. The cat looks so real on the painting. I’m very amazed by Iuliia’s talent. I placed these beautiful paintings in my living room and when my friends come, they all admire Iuliia’s artwork. I always recommend Iuliia to them.
Nataliia R.
I wanted a new watercolor painting for my bedroom. I found Iuliia’s Instagram account and I loved her style. Among her paintings, one caught my eye: a beautiful landscape of Los Angeles. When I saw the painting, I thought of my trip to California and it reminded me of enjoying the view of the city skyline. Looking at this painting reminded me of nice memories, so I decided I definitely had to have this painting! I contacted Iuliia about it and she shipped the painting the same day! When I received the painting, I was so amazed. It looks even more beautiful in person! The painting is so adorable and it happily found a place in my room. I totally recommend Iuliia to my friends and I’m planning to order from her again.
Sofia and James R.
Iuliia has done a beautiful painting for us. It was pleasure ordering from her. It was easy communicating with Iuliia. She is very kind and attentive to the details. We love the painting a lot and planning to order more from her! Also, we recommend Iuliia to our friends.
Ana K.
I contacted Iuliia in order to make two paintings for me. I wanted my living room to look cozier. I asked Iuliia to make a painting of my dogs and make another painting of me. It was easy communicating with Iuliia, she understood my request quickly and the paintings were done before the deadline. I’m completely satisfied with the experience. I recommend Iuliia as a great professional artist.
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