Iuliia Pozdina
About The Artist

Iuliia Pozdina was born in the city of Perm, Russia in 1992. At the age of 5 she went to art classes, that's where her introduction with art began. In 2007 she graduated from an art school. Then in 2011 she graduated from a local college where she got her Bachelor's degree in Architecture. After graduation she started her freelance as a watercolor artist. She painted celebrities’ portraits in the beginning, she then moved on to nature, cities, animals and many other things.

In 2014 Iuliia moved to Los Angeles where she continued her freelance as a fine artist. She took photography courses at LACC. During her life in Los Angeles she worked with a clothes designer to create sketches, also she was a personal art tutor, a content creator for a sound engineer and a children's book illustrator.

Iuliia has won awards in many art and photography contests. Also, she has been participating in art exhibitions and galleries in Russia and Los Angeles County.

Iuliia does paintings upon request. With some customers she has been working for 5 years. Recently Iuliia opened a company "Iuliia Pozdina Artist Studio" LLC. The company does collaborations with other businesses and host art classes for children and adults in person and online.

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